Privacy policy

LINKAP Przemysław Staroń respects your right to privacy. Linkap Przemysław Staroń takes special care to protect your data and applies technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of your data at the highest level. We would like to assure you that by using the electronic service at , your data will be secure and their processing will comply with the applicable law.

This Policy describes the principles of handling personal data and the use of cookies within the electronic service


  • Service Provider/Personal Data Administrator – Linkap Przemysław Staroń  with its seat at 93-228 Łódź, ul. F. Ossendowskiego 3h, holding the tax identification number (NIP): 7282453117, providing services electronically through the Website and storing and gaining access to information in User’s devices
  • Website – the website at
  • External website – websites of partners, service providers or service recipients of the Administrator/Service Provider
  • Policy – this Privacy Policy and cookie policy.
  • GDPR – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC.
  • Personal Data – all information about a natural person identified or identifiable by one or more factors specific to physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity, including image, voice, contact information, location, correspondence, information collected through recording equipment or other similar technology.
  • User – a natural person for whom the Administrator/Service Provider provides services electronically via the Website.
  • Device – an electronic device with software, through which the User gains access to the Website
  • Cookies – text data collected in the form of files stored on the User Device
  • Personalized Advertising – means the collection of data through multiple digital properties or other sources for the purpose of profiling and the provision of advertising based on preferences or interests known or inferred from the data collected and the collection of user activity data within one digital property or source for the purpose of profiling and the provision of advertising based on that data through another digital property by giving voluntary consent.


  1. Internet forms

The User may provide their personal data to the Service Provider using the forms available on the Service Provider’s website:

  • Contact forms

The data provided in the contact forms shall be processed in order to respond to the correspondence sent. The data provided in the contact form will be processed for a period of 12 months from the date of the data transfer.

  1. Formal consents

The user may give their voluntary consent to the processing of personal data provided in the forms for marketing purposes, by marking the relevant consents in the part of the form described as formal consents. Consents will be processed until revoked.

  1. E-mail and traditional correspondence

Where correspondence not related to the services provided to the sender of the correspondence or another contract concluded with the sender is addressed to the Service Provider by e-mail or traditional mail, the personal data contained in that correspondence shall be processed solely for the purpose of communication and resolution of the matters to which the correspondence relates. Data related to e-mail or traditional correspondence will be processed for 6 years.

  1. Phone contact:

In case of contacting the Service Provider by phone, in matters not related to the concluded agreement or provided services, the Service Provider may request the provision of personal data only if it is necessary to handle the matter to which the contact relates.

  1. The controller of personal data given in items 1-4 is the Service Provider.
  2. COOKIE files

The User may give their voluntary consent to the processing of their personal data in cookies for the purposes of profiling and conducting personalized advertising by the Administrator/Service Provider.

  1. The Service Provider guarantees the confidentiality of any personal data provided to them.
  2. Providing data in the forms is voluntary, but necessary for the execution of the order by the User or the service by the Service Provider, for which the form is intended.
  3. The Service Provider does not share the personal data provided to them with any third parties.
  4. Personal data is collected with due diligence and properly protected against access by unauthorized persons.
  5. The User has the following rights:
    1. the right to request access to their personal data, rectify, erase or restrict their processing,
    2. the right to object to the processing of the data,
    3. the right to transfer the data,
    4. the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data for a specific purpose, if the User has previously given such consent,
    5. the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority in relation to the processing of personal data by the Service Provider.
  6. In connection with the continuous development of services and products of the Service Provider and technological progress, the Service Provider reserves the right to amend this Policy in order to keep it up-to-date.


  1. When using the Service Provider’s website on the User’s terminal device, cookie files are created which are temporary text files.
  2. Types of cookies:
  • Internal cookies – files placed and read from the User’s Device by the Website’s ICT system
  • External Cookies – files placed and read from the User’s Device by the information and communication systems of External Websites
  • Session Cookies – files placed and read from the User’s Device by the Website or External Websites during a single session of a given Device. At the end of the session, the files are deleted from the User’s Device.
  • Persistent Cookies – files placed and read from the User Device by the Website or External Websites until they are manually deleted. Files are not deleted automatically at the end of a Device session unless the User’s Device configuration is set to delete cookies at the end of a Device session.


  • Storage and reading mechanisms – Storage and reading mechanisms do not allow any personal data or any confidential information to be downloaded from the User’s Device. The transmission of viruses, Trojans and other worms to the User’s Device is practically impossible.
  • Internal cookies – Internal cookies used by the Administrator/Service Provider  are safe for User Devices
  • External Cookies – the Administrator/Service Provider is not responsible for the security of Cookie files coming from partners of the Website. The list of partners is included the latter part of the Cookie Policy.
  • Improving and facilitating access to the Website – The Administrator/Service Provider may store information about user preferences and settings for the Website in cookie files to improve, enhance and speed up the provision of services within the Website.
  • Logging – The Administrator/Service Provider uses Cookie files for the purposes of logging in to the Website
  • Marketing and advertising – The Administrator/Service Provider and External Websites use Cookie files for marketing purposes and for serving advertisements to Users.
  • Statistical data – The Administrator/Service Provider and External Websites use Cookie files to collect and process statistical data such as e.g. visit statistics, User Device statistics or user behavior statistics. This data is collected in order to analyze and improve the Website.
  • Serving multimedia services – The Administrator/Service Provider and External Websites use Cookie files to serve multimedia services to Users.
  • Social Media Services – The Administrator/Service Provider and External Websites use Cookie files to support social media services


The Administrator/Service Provider cooperates with the following external websites, which may place Cookie files on User’s Devices:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdSense
  • Google Ads
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • YouTube


  • The User can at any time change the settings for saving, deleting and accessing the data of the saved Cookie files on their own.
  • Information on how to disable Cookies in the most popular computer browsers and mobile devices is available at:
  • The User may at any time delete any previously saved Cookie files using the tools of the User Device through which the User uses the Website.


  • Restricting the storage and access to cookies on the User’s Device may cause some Website functions to malfunction.
  • The Administrator/Service Provider does not take any responsibility for malfunctioning functions of the Website if the User limits in any way the possibility of saving and reading cookies.


  • The Administrator/Service Provider reserves the right to change this Cookie Policy at any time without informing users about it.
  • Changes made to the Cookie Policy will always be published on this page.
  • The introduced changes take effect on the date of publication of the Cookie Policy.